The Benefits of Pet Nutrition

You may already know that a good diet and proper nutrition are important for your pet, just as they are for you and your family. But making sure they get it is a lot more complicated than choosing the most expensive brand or the most attractive pet food label at the store. Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, as do individual pets. And you’re likely to run into a lot of pet nutrition claims that are conflicting or simply inaccurate. That’s why the Tall Grass Animal Hospital offers complete pet nutrition and weight management assessment and planning services for our clients. Good health begins with eating right.

Proper Nutrition For Dogs And Cats At All Ages

Dogs and cats are different species, of course, and they have different dietary needs. Canines are omnivores, meaning they can get their essential nutrients from both plants and meat. This makes providing the proper nutrition for dogs somewhat easier because it widens the range of food sources. Felines are carnivores, meaning they get all of their nutrition from meat, from animals that have already synthesized the nutrients from plants that they have eaten. This makes dietary planning for cats a bit more complicated. These differences are why cats and dogs can have very different physical reactions to human food, some toxic, and why you really shouldn’t feed it to them, no matter how much they might like it.

Pets also have different dietary requirements at different stages of their lives, just like people. They also have special needs depending on their breed, size, and lifestyle.


Puppies and kittens are experiencing rapid growth and development and using a lot of energy, so they need a lot of protein in their diet.


Growth levels off and dietary needs become more complex. This is the time when the right balance of pet nutrition and exercise can help prevent chronic illnesses from developing.


Older pets will be more sedentary, so they will need to eat less. They may require supplements and have other dietary needs to manage ailments.

Pet Nutrition At Tall Grass Animal Hospital

Drs. Fordham, Ward, Skarie, or Frint will start by assessing your pet’s individualized nutritional needs based on their age, breed, health background, and lifestyle. We’ll determine an ideal weight range and work with you to devise a diet and exercise regimen to maintain it. The doctors may also recommend lab work to check for underlying metabolic conditions that may help tailor your pet’s individual nutritional needs. Together we’ll ensure that your dog or cat receives the proper nutrition throughout their lives.

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