“We had just moved to the area not too long ago. We found Tall Grass Animal Hospital and they have been nothing but helpful, nice and patient with us! Our pup has been having some GI issues and they have helped and been very informative about why these things have been happening. This is overall just a great vet clinic; every staff member is great!”

– Alena B. Google

“We LOVE Tall Grass Animal Hospital. We had to switch vet offices because our other one closed and I was trying to find a new vet to take my furry kids. Tall Grass came up and I felt at home as I read the website information. I called right away to transfer our pet’s care and they were so kind to me. Our first vet appointment was wonderful, and the cost was not outrageous. Our second appointment was to have our 7-month-old kitten checked out because he started spraying. We had two appointments to get our two kittens neutered a few weeks out. Dr. Fordham was so inviting and heartwarming – so kind. He listed options and was very honest – he didn’t want to run a bunch of tests because the kitten’s exam was normal, and he said it was a waste of money. I appreciated that so much! We were worried about our kitten spraying so my husband called and asked if there was any way we could get our kitten Oliver neutered sooner than later and the receptionist emailed the doctors in the office and Dr. Ward agreed to neuter Oliver the next day! We are SO THANKFUL for that because spraying is a difficult thing to deal with. Dr. Ward was so kind. She texted me about Oliver’s status/update and she called me to tell me how the procedure went. It went very well and Oliver recovered quickly. His incisions are small and perfect and I just could not ask for a better team to take care of my furry kids. Everyone is so kind and we are very thankful. THANK YOU AGAIN TALL GRASS <3”

– Elizabeth F. Google

“The best vets we have had the pleasure of working with after having cats and dogs for over 40 years. They are passionate about their work while being very empathetic to both the animals they serve and their human companions. We have total confidence in their skills as well as their “table-side” manner.”

– M Payler. Google

“At first I was little disappointed when my furry baby was a puppy, there was confusion with shot record and staff wasnt returning the calls, but since I dont like to hop from clinic to clinic, and I liked the doctor we had, Dr. Scary, I kept going to the clinic. I guess something changed there and I am fully satisfied with services provided at this point. Planning to stay with them because doctor already knows my now 2 year old furry grandson, and location is great!”

– Lydia R. Google

“The best vets we have had the pleasure of working with after having cats and dogs for over 40 years. They are passionate about their work while being very empathetic to both the animals they serve and their human companions. We have total confidence in their skills as well as their “table-side” manner.”

– M Payler.,Google

“We absolutely love this hospital! We love everyone there from the front end staff to all of the doctors. We have used other vet locations in the past for our animals and none of them have come close to the service that Tall Grass provides. Each doctor shows compassion to your needs and the needs of your animal.

Just recently, I called into speak with Dr. Fordham regarding an emergency that my dog had the previous day. Dr. Fordham spent the time to listen to all of my questions and he took the time to address each one. He also went above and beyond any service I have ever received and I was blown away by the service he provided me.

We have referred this vet to everyone we know and we are so happy we found this place!

Thank you so much Tall Grass!

– Kristen M., Yelp

“We started coming here a couple months ago. My 14 year old Bichon had to be put down but he spent his life (as well our terrier mix that was put down 5 years ago) going to a different vet clinic. At first we loved this for her vet clinic but you’d be on hold for up to thirty minutes, wait in your car for up to thirty minutes before even being let in the building, never get returned phone calls, and we asked for prescription for food several times and kept getting the run around even though they prescribed it. Numerous times the appointments were several weeks out – no matter the circumstances.

Being highly disappointed of a wonderful vet going downhill for us, and no longer fitting our needs and it no longer being worth the thirty minute drive, we found Tall Grass after our three year old dog was having urinary issues and also some GGI issues . Got treated kindly, professionally, quickly and they really seem to care. We brought her in once and during this visit she was being very hyper, and kind of aggressive and they were very accommodating and understanding.

We recently adopted a new puppy, about 4 months old, who has been a handful and already been to the vet or called about multiple times and they’ve handled him well!

Dr. Skarie has been extremely patient in answering my multiple phone calls and questions, and very caring. He has vast knowledge and great bedside manner. I don’t know how I could have made it through at our former clinic (truly) and he’s made helping our new puppy, and our first dog, to make sure we have great care and questions answered. Also, it’s nice being only a few minutes away as we’ve had to drop off multiple urine and fecal samples on both dogs. Joys of pet ownership!

The front desk staff is always helpful and friendly and helps you with your questions every time you call or come in. They’ve always been very friendly with my daughter and she loves getting candy and checking out everything. Although only been going for two or three months , I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!”

– Jenny T., Google

“Highly recommend Tall Grass Animal Hospital! We were in search of another clinic for our dogs and I’m so happy we found this place. We have so far seen Dr. Ward and Dr. Fordham and they are both wonderful. Everyone here cares so much about your animals. We just adopted a new puppy and they will also be going here. Highly recommend!”

– Emily S., Yelp

“We love this place! We will not go anywhere else. The whole staff is so great! We have an English and French bulldog and we are so thankful for each doctor! Dr.Skarie is so quick to respond when we need help, emails back or calls quickly.
Every staff member is polite, professional, and takes the time to listen, thank you!”

– Kandle N., Yelp

“Super professional. Clean. Patient. Get a sense they care and not just trying to get through each case file to get their day over with.”

– Jase S., Google

“Perfect. They treated my yorkie with a cyst and he’s doing great. They are excellent vets

– Linda B., Google

“Very caring and knowledgeable vets and staff. Can talk to vets in person. Facilities very clean. Make appt to get a wellness check up in advance so when you really need a emergency appointment the vets know your pet. Masks required which I appreciate.”

– Di Ann., Google

“I took my pup, Lou, here for the first time and I was really impressed. The office is welcoming; set up comfy for pups and their humans. I was warmly greeted by the technicians. Dr. Kevin was thorough and caring with my questions. I could feel his passion about his patients. I have two other pups that will definitely be patients to this vet!”

– Melissa H., Yelp

“I just finished my appointment with my service dog, Homie, and I wanted to say that the ladies/staff here are so welcoming; so patient; and such wonderful people. A very rude guest, who was out of line, was yelling at them; and I wanted to write this review to say that the staff absolutely did not deserve to be mistreated/treated the way that they were. These ladies are all sweet, kind, patient, welcoming, animal-loving, very hard working people; and the staff here is very dedicated, and very trustworthy. Please treat these ladies with kindness; along with service workers — we are all, only human. Thank you to the staff for your patience/kindness with my dog! My dog, Homie, remembered their kindness from his first appointment — and as an owner of a dog who is scared of the doctors, I can say that the staff here helped Homie feel comfortable; and that made all the difference in the world, for him. This is a very personable animal hospital, which is important as I feel comfortable bringing my dog — who means the world to me (as I said, he is a service animal) — here. Bring your animal here; the staff is amazing. As someone who struggles with mental health/anxiety disorder, the staff helped not only Homie, but me in creating a welcoming, embracing space. I’m grateful to the doctors/staff for the work that they do 💗”

– Fionabelle M., Google