Pet Dental Care in Aurora, CO

Tall Grass Animal Hospital wants to help you understand the importance of maintaining proper pet dental care. The bacteria build-up on your pet’s teeth can end up causing an infection that spreads throughout your pet’s entire body, affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, and overall longevity. Eating can also become painful, changing their enthusiasm and activity level.

Routine Pet Dentistry Services

Dental X-Rays, Dental Cleaning, Extractions, and More

Our hospital is fully equipped to perform everything from routine cleanings to advanced periodontal treatments and extractions. We utilize digital X-rays to provide clear pictures of possible dental disease that is below the gum line. This also helps us create the appropriate treatment plan that allows us save as many teeth as possible. If an X-ray needs further evaluation or an advanced treatment plan that may include a root canal, then we will reach out to our board-certified dentist.

Pet Dental Care in Aurora, CO

Advanced Oral Surgery for Pets

Our board-certified veterinary dentist will come to our hospital to perform these advanced procedures when indicated. All dental prophylaxis and procedures are always done under general anesthesia, just like a surgery. During anesthesia your pet will be constantly monitored by a certified veterinary technician. If a board certified anesthesiologist is indicated, then we can reach out to Dr. Kurt Grimm to help. Tall Grass Animal Hospital has the tools to work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your pet’s dental health.

Pet Dental Care Preparation Guide

It is a good idea to have pets undergo regular pet dental care and cleaning to keep them in optimal health. The following guide will tell you how to prepare them for a dental visit at our animal hospital in Aurora, CO.

Pre-Visit Preparation

Getting your pet through their dental visit comfortably starts before the day of the procedure. We recommend having them come in prior for any bloodwork. That will help us find out if any issues exist that might cause complications.

Do not give them food after 10:00 pm, though it’s fine to provide them with water. Make sure you drop pets off between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. the next morning. We will have you fill out all the required surgical consent forms. We can also do the bloodwork at that time if you wish.

During the Visit

After sedating your pet with preanesthetic drugs, we will place an IV catheter, intubate them, then hook up the anesthetic gas. The dental tech will then take full x-rays of your pet’s mouth.

Once that is complete, we begin cleaning your pet’s teeth with an electronic scaler to remove plaque and tartar. After we are satisfied with the results, the technician will follow that up with a polishing of the teeth.

The doctor will go over the radiographs to assess the status of your pet’s teeth and determine if any of them need extracting. We go over the necessity of the extractions with the owner, then proceed if we receive permission. Our staff can also go ahead and trim your pet’s nails while they are sedated.

Post-Visit Care

It usually takes pets around two hours to recover after the procedure, and you will be able to take them home that evening. Be prepared for some transient whining due to the medication, not because they are in pain.

Pets will need to eat soft food for a period of time as recommended by their doctor if an extraction was done during their visit. Owners should keep their pets as calm as possible for at least two days. That means leashed walks only and no chew toys or stuffed animals for up to two weeks as incisions in the mouth heal.

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Aurora, CO Pet Dental Care