Our Team

Certified Veterinary Technicians



Katy was always to be found with the pets when she was a little girl, no matter who’s house she was at. Her passion for dogs and cats ventured on to snakes, rats, and then horses. She eventually went on to win National Champion in her division in horse jumping when she was 15 years old. Her love for horses also turned into a love for giant breed dogs. Katy first met Dr. Matt Fordham as his client with her first Great Dane in 2009. After graduating from Bel-Rea Institute with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science in 2011, she started working for him as a technician. She officially joined the Tall Grass Family in September of 2017. Katy’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her husband and three kids whether that be camping, going to car races/shows, or just watching a movie at home in their pajamas! Pictured is Katy with her Great Dane, Bodey.



Melissa has always had a passion for animals of all kinds. Since she was 3 years old she said she would be a vet or animal nurse. Melissa grew up with all sorts of animals, from the exotics to the furry kinds. Melissa moved from Arizona to Colorado in 2011 to attend Bel-Rea Institute and graduated with an associates of science in June 2014. She followed her husband around the US as he served in the USMC. Through lots of military moving, Melissa gained lots of experience in emergency, urgent care, general practice, as well as exotic medicine. Melissa and her husband settled back in CO when her husband got medically discharged from the military which led her to Tall Grass Animal Hospital in February 2018. In her free time, Melissa can be found spending time with her numerous animals or tending to her reptile business. Melissa owns an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Pug, and a Boxer mix. She also has 3 cats, a bird, chickens, and lots of geckos.



Growing up, animals were always there for Anneliese. She soon realized she wanted to give back the love, kindness, and caring animals had shown her growing up. After being in college for a couple years Anneliese finally realized how she wanted to help animals and that was becoming a veterinary technician. She then graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2013 with a degree in veterinary technology and has been working in the veterinary field very since. Anneliese grew up in Indiana but she was born in Denver, Colorado. She always knew she wanted to move back one day. So when her fiance got a job offer in Denver they jumped at the opportunity to move. In her free time she enjoys exploring Colorado. She loves doing anything outdoors including swimming, hiking, camping, and biking. Although she does not own a dog yet she hopes to one day own another Akita.



Monica has always known she wanted to work with animals. Her mom was a vet tech and she learned her love for animals from her and growing up with lots of pets. Monica recently moved home to Colorado after living in Nebraska. She graduated in 2017 from UNL with her BS in Fisheries and Wildlife with a specialty in wildlife management. She worked for 2 wildlife rehab facilities and loved vet med so she decided to go back to school. Since then, she worked in an emergency vet hospital and in general practice while taking classes for her veterinary technician license. Monica has one Aussie mix named Emmie and they both enjoy being outdoors, camping, hiking and exploring.

Customer Service Representatives


Brittany’s passion for caring for animals began as a child and has carried her all over the country. She has done work in Florida, Texas, and right here in Colorado. Her work extends to home where she volunteers as a foster for both dogs and cats. In her free time she likes to hike, fish, camp, and spend time with her husband, Chris, and their three children; Tyler, Dillon, and Hanley. They have 8 pets. 4 dogs; Paxton, Anna, Torrey, and Dax, along with 4 cats; Jasmine, Mike, Rose, and Becca.


Robin began working in the veterinary field in 1985 within a large and small animal practice, that started as just her and one doctor. She has been in the field ever since! Robin enjoys talking with clients and getting to know their animals. Especially when she gets to watch them grow up from puppies and kittens. She shares her home with two cats, Mama and Samantha. In her spare time Robin enjoys going for bike rides, riding and caring for horses, as well as going line dancing! She is one of the few remaining Colorado Natives out enjoying the Country Life on her farm.



Patty was born in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua and moved to the U.S. in 1997 with her family. She never thought she would be working in the vet industry but loved how she gets to learn new things and about new pets every day. Her favorite thing about working with pets is all the puppies they get to see, with pitbulls and pitbull mixes being her favorite breeds. Patty loves working in the customer service field and talking to people, specifically if she can help them if she is able to.

Her family is the most important part of her life. She has been married to her husband, Jaime, for 23 years and they have 3 kids (Genesis, Jaelyne, and Dana’e). Patty’s pets include a Bella (a bichon frise) and Luna (a pocket bully). She loves spending time with her family whether it is dancing, watching movies, hiking, or spending time together.

Veterinary Assistants


Faith has always loved animals and hopes to one day further her education to keep helping and caring for animals. She’s had a great opportunity provided by everyone at Tall Grass Animal Hospital to volunteer for school and then offered a job to save up for college. Faith loves working with this amazing team! She also has 2 of her own dogs that are crazy and fun! She has a boxer mix, Diesel, and a Rottweiler mix, buster, who always love to cuddle. She enjoys playing Lacrosse.

Alivea Flynn

Alivea joined the Tall Grass team in 2021 and has always wanted to be a Vet or Vet Tech. Alivea absolutely loves animals and “the thought of helping them is my favorite thing”. She lives with 3 dogs, Salix, Diesel, and Luna and has a farm that consists of cows, chickens, and pigs. She played competitive volleyball and was a dancer growing up, and plans on attending school to pursue further education in the coming years. “I love working with our team and our DVM’s are of the best!”


Lilly is currently a sophomore at Colorado State University who is studying zoology. In the future, she wishes to be a veterinarian. She started working at Tall Grass Animal Hospital in 2021 and has enjoyed her time getting a closer look at the field. When asked in kindergarten what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said veterinarian, that same question was asked again when she was older her answer did not change. She has always had a special place in her heart for animals. Lilly has two dogs which are both yorkie – bichon – poodle mixes, Piper and Penny.


Mickaela joined the Tall Grass team in October of 2020. She has always had a great love for animals, as they are the most loyal friends you could wish for. At home, Mickaela lives with her chihuahuas Chica and Frankie, but would have a whole pack of chihuahuas if she could. After growing her experience as a client representative, Mickaela found the veterinary field and also found her calling. “Working at Tall Grass gives me the best of both worlds, assisting both our clients as a CSR and assisting our DMVs with your little ones”. Mickaela hopes to further her career in veterinary medicine and become a CVT in the near future.