Why You Should Microchip Your Dog or Cat

Have you ever experienced the panic of losing track of your beloved dog or cat? You might want to consider having them microchipped before they end up getting lost. While the procedure won’t stop your pet from running off unexpectedly, having a microchip in your dog or cat helps to identify them once someone finds them.

Microchip Dog in Aurora, COWhat is a Pet Microchip?

Animal Microchips are implantable, battery-free devices that function as a permanent ID for your pet. It is about the size of a piece of rice and gets placed beneath your pet’s skin behind their shoulder blades. It can’t be removed once put in place, so you don’t have to worry about your pet accidentally dislodging the chip. The chip contains information relevant in helping others locate your pet if they come across them.

Don’t mistake microchips for tracking devices. They can’t tell you where your pet is currently, but they allow you to be contacted once someone finds your dog and scans the microchip.

Benefits of a Microchip for Your Dog or Cat

Microchips, like the HomeAgain version, contain a code with information relevant in helping others locate your pet if they come across them. The ID number comes up when the microchip gets scanned by a shelter or vet’s office, letting them know who to contact.

Microchipped pets are 20 times more likely to reconnect with their owners. They don’t need to be replaced and last for the duration of your pet’s lifetime.

The Microchip Procedure

Administering a microchip is similar to delivering a vaccination shot. Our team can perform the procedure in a few seconds. The chip comes in a preloaded applicator, which then gets injected beneath the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Your pet should not feel any more discomfort than they would a regular shot.

If you have more questions about having your dog or cat microchipped, call Tall Grass Animal Hospital in Aurora, CO at 720-420-9922 or contact us online.